New Joint Venture with Match Pro Media Leads to 100k Daily Registrations

Mar 14, 2016 10:22 AM EST: DZS Marketing has a reputation for being a marketing solution for businesses of all sizes. Their focus has ranged from new customer acquisition strategies to loyalty programs.

Recently, they have rebranded themselves as Match Pro Media. This is being done to better represent the many verticals and services that they utilize that have been instrumental in their rapid growth.

The company started as a mobile marketing company. They have always been able to help with online marketing and offer features for many platforms. However, there was always the emphasis on mobile devices.

Today, Match Pro Media looks to increase the number of leads that can be generated by a company. “We have a team of experts who will research the market and make it easier for a business to succeed by leveraging our diverse marketing channels and network of advertisers,” comments CEO and founder David Siegel.

Businesses of all sizes are able to look towards the quickly growing media company for assistance in lead generation. Research has shown that many companies know how to monetize on the primary sale but fail when it comes to further monetization. Match Pro Media implements its “Match Pro Method”. There is a planning phase, an implementation phase, monetization phase and retention phase. When combined, these strategies can generate more revenue and increase the value obtained from each lead that is generated.

The sales department for Match Pro Media is prepared to assist clients of all sizes. Whether there is a lead generation system in place or not, the company is dedicated to helping.

Ultimately, companies are able to rely on Match Pro Media for the same services that they were able to obtain from DZS Marketing. The main change is that the company is now able to offer assistance in more verticals, utilizing additional channels while provide the added assistance of call center solutions. Multiple partners have been established to assist in areas of SMS and social media marketing as well as warm transfers, co-reg traffic, list management services, and PPV advertising.

A company of any size can reach out to Match Pro Media in order to receive customized services that can result in a greater volume of leads and incremental revenue by virtue of utilizing the “Match Pro Method”.