SMS marketing

SMS marketing is one of the most underutilized channels and should be seen as a primary marketing channel for all businesses.

The trend is moving towards more mobile devices and our SMS marketing programs and software ensure you have the tools to capitalize on new customers, retain current customers and drive increased revenue from current customers.

We have an SMS team dedicated to analyzing, planning and launching SMS marketing campaigns that deliver the best relative ROI’s in our industry. If you are interested in our SMS marketing programs please contact one of our SMS marketing specialists today.

Social media marketing

Social media is such a critical part of today’s marketing scene and Match Pro Media has a dedicated team who will work with your company to elevate your audience and customer base in a dramatic and measurable way. We will assist you in regards to listening, focus, quality content, patience, exponential compounding, influence, value, acknowledgement, accessibility and reciprocity.

Once a strategy is developed we will assist your company in launching and maintaining a social presence that will result in increased brand recognition, improved brand loyalty, greater conversion opportunity and higher conversion rates.

If you are interested in our social media marketing services please contact one of our social media marketing specialists today.

Email marketing

Match Pro Media will analyze, develop and deploy an email marketing strategy that fits your business goals and budget. With some of the highest delivery and open rates in the industry, our email campaigns ensure relatively inexpensive lead generation and customer retention tools.

If you are interested in our email marketing services please contact one of our email marketing specialists today.

Content marketing

Content marketing can be used to drive leads and retain loyal customers. We will analyze your current content marketing strategies and develop a plan to expand and optimize. We will help you to understand what content engages your demographic to determine the type of content that will have a higher likelihood of driving leads and retaining customers.

At Match Pro Media, we have software solutions to test and prove our content strategies with timely reporting and performance tracking.

If you are interested in utilizing our content marketing team, please contact one of our content marketing strategists today.

Warm transfers

Match Pro Media, through our own call centers and partner centers, has access to 500+ agents working within over 10 verticals. We have access to centers in the US and overseas to fit every budget. Our agents are highly skilled and qualified to deliver only those warm transfers that are considered to meet Match Pro Media Standards. If you are looking to leverage call centers to prequalify, qualify, book, or close a sale, Match Pro Media can help. Please contact one of our warm transfer representatives today to learn more.

List Management Services


Match Pro Media has 20+ years of experience in the list management space. If you have a list or database you are looking to monetize, Match Pro Media can assist. We will research your data and industry and develop a plan to monetize utilizing all the channels deemed appropriate for your specific vertical. Our experience allows us to know which channels work best within each vertical.

If you are interested in list management please contact one of our list management experts today.

Co-reg traffic

We have access to 100,000+ daily registrations that span through several verticals as a result of our owned and operated sites and partnerships. If you are interested in driving traffic and building databases utilizing co-registration strategies, we can help. Match Pro Media will analyze your industry, business strategies, budget and goals to develop a co-registration program that will drive qualified leads to meet your ROI goals. Since we control the traffic, you can rest assured you will be receiving only the leads that are highly likely to convert.

If you are interested in our co-registration services please call one of our co-registration specialists today.

PPV advertising

Match Pro Media, through our partnerships with the leading online pay per view networks, delivers qualified prospects by targeting relevant keywords, URLS, locations and channels to ignite your income and generate higher conversions. Our ability to remain diversified and work with several partners allows us to customize your campaign towards specific demographics and use several networks simultaneously to ensure a targeted ROI.

If you are interested in our PPV programs please contact one of our PPV specialists today.

PPC advertising

At Match Pro Media our online pay per click networks can deliver qualified prospects by targeting relevant keywords, and more to boost your income and provide higher conversions.

Our ability to remain diversified and work with several PPC partners allows us to personalize your campaign in regards to your target demographics and use multiple networks simultaneously to reach your target ROI. If you are interested in our PPC programs please contact one of our PPC specialists today.

Host and post traffic

Match Pro Media manages host and post budgets within several verticals and is always looking for new partners. If your company has the ability to drive host and post leads or if your company is looking to receive host and post leads, we can help.

Our technology team has been managing host and post deals for 40+ combined years and can assist in offer build outs, management of specifications and decision making algorithms. If you are interested in learning more about our host and post offerings please contact one of our host and post specialists today.

Prequalified Aged leads

Match Pro Media has access to the data of individuals who have been prequalified via web forms or phone verification. Our prequalification requirements are those of vertical standards so we ensure you get the needed qualified leads at the right price.

We have aged leads available from our wholly owned and operated web sites and have access to our large publisher network sites as well. In general, an aged lead is considered a lead that has been procured in the past 7-30 days.

If you are interested in Prequalified Aged Leads please contact one of our specialists today.