School Match Pro’s Lead Generation Website Officially Launched by Match Pro Media

June 7, 2016: Boca Raton, FL – Match Pro Media, a multi-vertical lead generation company that utilizes a multi-channel approach to web expansion and exposure for clients, this week announced School Match Pro, a platform for school pairing, officially went live. Located at the site will assist individuals interested in furthering their education by giving access to education resources and information on colleges across the country. Dedicated to providing niche research for each industry and client they take on, Match Pro Media has serviced companies with successful lead generation pages in almost every industry.

“Inbound marketing and web based lead generation are the marketing avenues of today’s world,” said David Siegel, Founder and CEO of Match Pro Media. “It’s important to get onboard with the most effective form of marketing, or else risk being left in the digital marketing shadows. We’re incredibly excited to unveil our latest lead generation web property School Match Pro.”

Match Pro Media’s team of experts research the market and execute the channels identified as being the best ways for a business to succeed. Whether it’s utilizing their owned and operated web sites and call centers, or leveraging their large network of advertisers and call centers, there isn’t a web lead generation project they won’t tackle.

Passionate about what they do, Match Pro Media has over 30+ years of combined industry experience overseeing successful lead generation campaigns.

“Leads are crucial to the sustainability of a company. Leads are essentially future customers who then transform into cold, hard sales for a business,” said Mr. Siegel. “It’s the way of today’s marketing world, and it’s more targeted and controlled than ever before. Head on over to our new lead generation platform for School Match Pro today, and check out what we’re capable of creating for any industry client.”

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