DZS Marketing Re-Brands As Match Pro Media

Mar 07, 2016 4:52 PM EDT: Companies from all over the globe struggle to get qualified prospects. This can make it difficult to grow a business. Match Pro Media specializes in lead generation. They recently formed a joint venture with a company that provides access to more than 100,000 daily online registrations. These registrations are real time and procured across a wide array of verticals.

The real time opt-in leads ensure that the prospects are fresh and ready to engage when companies obtain them. Some of the verticals that the marketing firm specializes in include home services, merchant cash advance, solar, real estate, mortgages, education, debt management, attorneys, and more.

The new joint venture is going to make an immediate impact on Match Pro Media’s ability to provide more leads to the companies that they work with. “We are committed to providing more qualified leads, across more verticals and ensuring that those leads receive full monetization over the lifetime of the lead. Our goal is to ensure that leads are fresh, qualified and likely to engage. This new venture immediately expands our prospect reach and allows us to increase volumes across our clients without sacrificing quality and conversion rates,” explains David Siegel CEO and Founder of Match Pro Media.

A company of any size has the ability to benefit from Match Pro Media’s diverse product and service offerings. While every company will not be able to tap into the 100K daily registrations, they will be able to tap into a significant number. This ensures that leads can be generated daily and weekly, which provides more opportunities to sell. Once a lead converts to a customer, Match Pro Media also offers a variety of tools that can help to increase monetization.

Companies depend upon Match Pro Media to generate and increase the number of sales that they make. While there may be landing pages in place, Match Pro Media offers incremental traffic leading to increased revenue and software solutions to ensure a higher ROI.

Companies of all sizes and within all verticals are able to take advantage of the joint venture that has been recently established with Match Pro Media to increase their lead generation efforts.